Since this is National Yoga Month I want to highlight the ability of yoga to turn back the clock on aging. Personally, in the last twenty years, I’ve increased my capacity for abundant living with my yoga practice. I am stronger, have a better range of motion (I can do the splits) am much more mentally acute and have a more conscious, happier outlook on life than when I was younger.

The pervasive theme of aging is decline, senility and a less than graceful passing. But as I tell my yoga students, decrepitude is a choice. Rising and greeting each day with movement and the breath of joy is the path to conquer all the obstacles in life.

To celebrate my good health and gratitude for my yoga practice I entered the AARP New Faces of 50+ Model Search with the encouragement of my darling wife, Michele. I penned my motto: Gentleness is the Path to Strength, wrote a brief essay and had a new picture taken. Well, low and behold, out of hundreds of contestants I’m a finalist in the contest.

If I am lucky enough to win, I will use this opportunity to continue my yoga/ayurvedic education at the California College of Ayurveda.

If you’re over 50 and reading this, perhaps I could persuade you to take a moment and vote for me. You can VOTE EVERY DAY through Sept. 24. Every time you vote you enter yourself into a sweepstakes to win $5,000. It’s a simple process; even simpler if you’re an AARP member. Below is the URL for registration and voting.

Simply copy and paste to your browser.

This could potentially mean a great deal to me. I thank you in advance for your vote.

May you be healthy, may you be happy, may you flourish to your potential.