Timothy Keim is a 20 year yoga practitioner, teacher and yoga therapist. Tim regards yoga as a universal toolbox because it is a complete system that enables us to gain optimum health, wellness and enlightenment.

Tim has healed himself of injuries, Crohn’s Disease and depression with yoga asana, pranayama and meditation.

Tim says, “I have proven the value of yoga in my own body and mind. These same results are available to all who are willing to apply themselves to the ancient principles of the practice. Yoga is also an endless adventure which will lead you to the core of yourself which is the experience of pure bliss.”

Mindfulness as an Antidote to Frenzied Media Culture

Since I have worked in the radio and news media since 1986, I have had an insider’s view of this business and gained a unique perspective of how it works. Media, all media is driven by ratings, which is about attracting attention. Once the attention of those ears and...

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Unleashing the Power of Prayer in Yoga Practice

As I continue working with clients who want to use yoga to address their disease conditions, I also find myself turning to prayer as another energy tool to help them. I often wind up my meditation sessions with prayers for my clients, but just today it dawned on me...

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Building Victorious Will

We often hear it said that “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” This speaks to our will power in general and to specific goals in our lives. More to the point, I see it in terms of creating a consistent yoga practice that will change every facet of our...

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An Unnoticed Plague

When I asked a group of school age yoga students recently if they knew how to breathe, many of them giggled and looked at me quizzically. Adults, realizing that this is partly a rhetorical question often look perplexed. The reason that this is one of the first...

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A Basic Meditation Lesson

Some weeks ago on the Diane Rehm Show on NPR, I heard a famous Buddhist monk talking about the benefits of meditation. I was all ears, naturally. A caller to the show who found meditating difficult asked the monk for advice about how to achieve a better meditation. To...

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The Fingers of the Breath

In every class I teach I encourage my students to use deep, diaphragmatic breathing in each posture. I must sound like a broken record when I constantly encourage students to take the breath into their bellies, solar plexus and finally into the tops of the lungs. I...

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Facing Down the Fear of Inadequacy

Accepting the challenge to work with new populations of clients tests not only our skills as yoga therapists, but also the way we compose our lives. Just because we can learn techniques to work with injured clients, or cancer patients doesn't mean we can then work...

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Yoga with Cancer Patients

As a part of my yoga therapy training with the Inner Peace Yoga Therapy School (IPYTS), I completed a mentoring program this Winter to increase my skills in working with cancer patients. The original and continuing courses are taught by Inner Peace faculty member...

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